Over Indulgence Causes Depression

Saturday, June 28, 2008
Each of us has its own desires and whims on things, places and people. Me, I have my own cravings and wants in life that I’ve always desired and prayed for. And I sometimes, easily get insecure when someone hold or possess those things I’ve been yearning for. To some extent, I become very desperate to do most I can just to get them but unfortunately, I couldn’t just have them for some reasons, like money. Some of them really, are quite pricey.

I desire for a laptop. I desire for a new cellphone. I desire for an IPod. And I even desire for a white luxurious car (in my dreams). I desire for my own place, my own crib. I desire for new branded and classy dresses. I desire for a sexier body. I desire for a nicer hair. I desire for a whiter complexion. I desire for a better height. I sometimes desire for another me, physically.

But then, I am satisfied with my living since I believe, I’m still luckier. I am satisfied with my PC since it’s still functioning at its best. I am satisfied with my 2 camera phones. I am satisfied with my MP3 phone. I am satisfied with walking since it’s still a best exercise. I am satisfied with my home since it is surrounded with well-landscaped garden and inside our home is organized well by my mother. I am satisfied with my comfy clothing. I am satisfied with my physical attributes since it makes me more unique.

I am even proud that I don’t desire to have a better personality. I don’t desire for a better thinking. I don’t desire for better friends, relatives, loved ones, family and partner. I don’t desire for a better life. I am thankful for who I am, where I am, and for people that surround me.

But I can’t deny that sometimes I indulge for things, that really makes me depressed and down. I want to get them. I want to possess them. But somehow, I realize that maybe some people would envy me that there are also things I possess which they long for. So, I just have to be contented and grateful. Anyways, I believe, I could possess those I indulged for in time… =)


  • i am too depressed.. can u help me out?

  • rejserenity

    hahaha knsa na c fritz glai??


    like u i desired also to have laptop hhuhu.,, kta nlng ata na grup ang wlay laptop.,


  • kEt kAwEn

    wHew..kahilak man pd tag dugo ana glai oi..ahehe..hmmm..plz dont desire for another you coz i love you for being you..


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