a little idea why i choose IT

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ever since a child, I was already exposed into computers. It was in the year 1994 when my father bought a personal computer and I wasn’t Grade 1 yet that moment. Though I was still a kid, incapable to easily understand what computers are, my father had taught me patiently to familiarize and operate it. And I wasn’t like some other people who got this fear on machines, in fact, I had easily loved learning to use computer that time. It was indeed my first extraordinary toy. Pacman was my favorite game that time. And my first word application was Wordstar. Wordstar was actually a very tough one for me that time, to use since you have to always use keyboard commands whenever you want to go to menus, submenus, etc. During the primary years, I already got this good typing speed which I can say uncommon for kids at my age that time.

These knowledge and skills I have in computers continued to develop during the end of my elementary and early years in high school when I started making Microsoft PowerPoint presentations for my father’s lectures and seminars etc. My high school years were indeed, a good break for my computer skills, since I have joined different computer-related contests like PowerPoint presentation, Desktop Publishing, Webpage designing (not quite good on it), which developed more my skills. These are actually division and regional competitions which were certainly some of my greatest achievements in my life. And fortunately, some of these events have brought pride to me, my family, school (Samal National High School) and city (Island Garden City of Samal).

So now, why Information Technology (IT)? Obviously, being exposed into technology at a very early age, and had loved it for more than a decade already, it is just sensible and fitting to choose IT as my field. And also, before I graduated high school, I had carefully evaluated myself in which areas I usually excelled, which in fact, resulted that I generally excelled in Math and computer-related areas. This has helped me a lot in deciding which course is very relevant and suiting for me to choose and take up.

Lastly, technology has done a lot of things into our lives, whether it has caused us bad or good. Choosing this career, I believe, could help me how to balance and live life well.

(By the way, I was still Grade 4 when I first had my ambition to be a computer engineer someday, it was when in 4th year high school when I changed my mind and planned to take BSIT instead. Aside from Information Technology sounded cool to me that time, I just loved to imagine that people would call me a “software engineer” or a “systems analyst” rather than computer engineer. >>for me lang po ha.. hehehe.. And also, BS in Computer Engineering course was unfortunately, not being offered in USeP)


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