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Friday, June 27, 2008

What is standard?

Personally, standard is my set of preferences for things, places, or persons of my choice. Like for example, I set standard for the right person I want to be with. Hehehehe… But seriously, standard, from what I’ve learned in the past, technically, is a set of norms. These norms are followed to conform to the rules that control the compatibilities and characteristics of hardware and software. These rules are the established and conventional regulations set by different acknowledged organizations to guide the manufacturers in the production and to lead the users for the right preferences for the products they’re going to choose and purchase.

Why they are important?

It is important since without these established and conventional regulations, possibilities will include the domination of one product or let’s say, one brand name in the market only. Consumers will be forced to buy and patronize one product for the sake of “compatibility”.

It must be noted that these rules are like a set of morals, which guide us in which track we should trail, what are the right things to do and attitudes to possess, likewise, in its case, standards are guide to lead us for the right basis so that there would be a proper harmonization and coordination among different products.

Why do we need standards?

This is to maintain concords among different products. Also, standards regulate or control the inappropriateness of some other products. Standards as we all know, will always be associated with the word quality. Following a set of standards, it could be assured that the products they are manufacturing correspond to the good or to some extent, excellent features or characteristics that will provide consumers with good quality and benefits.

What are open standards?

For me open standards, are more likely referring to freeing the standards into the people. The standards are being disclosed to the people and letting them know that standards are not just to be followed but also, to be implemented by themselves. But of course, they must do it with good principles.

Wikipedia’s definition of open standards is just actually correlated to my own understanding of the open standards however, they had added the term “various rights to use” referring the use of these standards. I guess, it refers to the responsibilities and justifications of using a open source software for example.

One Example of Principle Associated With Open Standards

When I think of open standards, the first principle that most associated with it is the word “availability”. So when we say availability, it is accessible to everyone. With this, people would sense the ease of use of such software for example.

Availability is a principle that diminishes discrimination and fosters opportunities to all. People would be able to use a particular software without bothering the cost of expense or for the licensing, making them at ease to use these softwares.


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    open standard is essential for the purpose of interoperability., thus., it more advantageous if the FOSS implements also the Open standards.,

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