Diversities in CS Research

Saturday, June 28, 2008
I have read 3 different articles concerning diverse issues on Computer Science (CS) Research. All these articles have one in common. The authors have stated the big diversity and apparent advance in CS Research in more than 50 years. Indeed, CS Research has imparted us good results which in fact, has been living through with us for years.

One of the great domains CS Research has well developed throughout the decades is the algorithms. Google is a very favorite good example of this development. CS pros have always cited Google as an important, interesting and a very recognized advancement in CS through the years and, this famous search engine is expected to be the basis for future advancements for areas alike. Its algorithms to return query for few seconds are said to be amazing and mind-blowing, which challenge practitioners on this field.

Though CS Research has been recognized for its wonderful contributions, some would say that CS Research is a waste of money. Somehow, I disagree. Since, I believe these researches they are referring to are actually studies of people who tend to play as CS Researchers for themselves and are just aiming for popularization. However, it’s a fact that in every CS Research, you need to make some expense. Expenses, which are worth for new discoveries and innovations. Anyway, CS Research has been a key role to cut the cost. Weird to think, but we sometimes need to expend to minimize the cost. But of course, you know what I mean.

Some of the technical fields CS Research has been focusing on are: Algorithms, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Distributed Computing, Reverse Engineering, Computer Architecture, Relational Databases, Human Computer Interaction, Computational Mathematics


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  • marco

    Well algorithm for me is one heck of a hard topic. However, it is a good subject for research.

  • geLan mae

    accordingly,it helps information to be useful on cs research..

  • kharen

    i agree with what you say..though we spend money for the research,we learn something in return...and that learning we have is worth it all...

  • rejserenity

    budget is really one factor in conducting research., and in fact most of the researches have their sponsors for fundings.,

    i gez the success of Google is caused by the good research.

  • making a research is definitely a hard thing to do because you must prepare yourself in terms of the time and money for conducting a research. And based of what rej said, it is true that internet is a good tools in getting some information for your study but you must also aware that in internet theirs a lot of people who making their self a good researcher but their research is wrong. And the thing you must do to ensure that the information you get is correct, you must go only to the following site that their article is officially published. "pataka nako og istorya ani!".

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