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Friday, September 7, 2007

here's another topic I've posted for you girls to guide you on how to show a guy that you like him without saying it to him directly.. hahahahaha


How to Show a Man You Like Him Without Going Overboard

1) When he tells you that you look gorgeous, don't respond by paying him a compliment in return. Instead, say, 'You make me feel gorgeous.' Trust me - he will love this much more than hearing that he's handsome, because his main concern should be pleasing you.

2) Spontaneously comment on something he's wearing and tell him how much you like it - not to return a compliment he's paid you, but just because you want to.

3) Always thank him for taking you out and choosing a film / restaurant / concert you enjoyed - but don't thank him more than once - once is enough.

4) Comment on things he talked about on previous dates; if you saw an article about something he's interested in, you can mention it. But don't cut that article out and bring it along, or e-mail it to him - that's too much.

5) If he e-mails or texts you after your date to say what a nice time he had, respond in kind. But keep it short, and if he sends you another message, don't answer the second one.

6) Try not to contact him spontaneously with your news in the first month of dating, even if you think you have something to tell him that he'll really enjoy. He's not your boyfriend yet - save that for later, when you've been going out for a while. But if he contacts you spontaneously, by all means don't keep him waiting too long for an answer.

7) Don't dump problems on him in the early stages of dating that he can't really help with (like a flight with your mother). But by all means ask him for practical help - men adore showing you how to programme your VCR or helping you plan a route for a trip you're taking. Helping a woman to fix a concrete, solvable problem always makes a man feel wonderful.

weLL..That's it... Ahihihi go girL!!! KeEp on LiftiNg souLs...ahihi


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