Monday, August 27, 2007
I exist. Yea. That’s why I’m here creating up my blog to let other people know that a person like me is still taking an amount of air to continue living in this inexplicable life. Well, I know for sure if you’re reading up this now, you’d probably think yeah what the hell I care if someone like you do exist if I don’t even care if our neighbor has just died last night. Well, click on this link man chuchu. Anyways, don’t be so casual. Because somehow, you’ll never know my existence has something to do with your existence too. I have read a part of this book entitled “Beyond the Quantum” telling that each of us is connected with each other. The space between us is actually connecting us. Though we’re moving, we’re still connected. Well, just pleaaassssseeee try to understand it. ahaHaha Now let’s discuss what really are my reasons for setting up this blog. First, I was just really fascinated by the fact that I could earn money through it. (well, not really my main goal) Secondly, Mark, my friend has really convinced me to create one. Finally, I just really wanna share my own perceptions in every little and big thing existing in this planet. That’s it. Now let me end up this item with a question, have you ever asked yourself what’s the main purpose of your existence? yeAh.. keep on lifting little souls.. (-_;)


  • marco

    kasali aku sa blog nia! ahehehe! weeee.. ancute kuh!

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