thE beGinniNg

Monday, August 27, 2007
I was born on March 18 in the year of the snake, 1989. Since then, I have never put myself out on asking why do I exist… not until one night of last summer vacation I’ve dreamt of solving mysteries of life. Sounds really amazing and weird but believe it or not, I forgot how. aHahaha However, from that night, I kept querying myself about the mysteries of our lives. And questioned myself, why do I exist? And what’s the purpose of it? Why I’m doing all I can to survive if I’d still end up dying later in my life? What if I don’t take good care of myself now and just lock myself out in my room for days, weeks or months? In point of fact, I’ve kept many questions and yet unanswered since it is kept (haHaha..stupid). Well, seriously, that’s one of my main goals in life, to slowly answer these questions before my existence comes to an end.


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