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Thursday, August 30, 2007
I don’t wanna waste time… I believe every one of us is thinking of the same way… except for, if you find your existence in this world hopeless… then messing around wouldn’t be a bad idea at all… But then, how would I recognize such split of second is already a waste of time? For me, a wasted time is that instance of looking at the watch or clock over and over again without a thing being accomplished. Hahahaha yea… I’m actually serious about it… Look, if you’re like counting seconds without doing something, man, it’s already throwing away time. Instead of keeping an eye on seconds, minutes or even hours, why don’t you just use this span of time doing something… indeed, sitting or lying on your bed while mulling over things is already a well-spent time… In this way, you’ve utilized time for good. So, from now on, fellow, instead of looking constantly on the watch or repetitively knowing what time is it, how many seconds, minutes or hours had passed…better do something really meaningful and sensible… So, have a well time spendin guys…Clocking seconds!!!


  • maTiTzki

    tsar2 npud kau ni si hubug oh. jijiji. tsar lng. second2 daw. hmmmmmp! jijiji.

    pis glai. =p

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